Friday, April 10, 2015

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And some just ok things too. Like my blog. I've come to the conclusion that I need to put my blog on hold until some more people read it. Also, I have several other very important things in my life that I need to focus on right now:
  1. Becoming President. Of anything
  2. Reintroducing sugar to my life. Who knows how this is going to turn out. If I wake up in a bath of M&M's, is that a success or a failure? I say success...if it was empty except for a few stray ones then I think that would be more of a problem.
  3. Matching my Tupperware lids to their corresponding containers.  This is full-time job only superseded by matching stray socks from the dryer.
  4. Preparing for my Mother's visit - seriously, I need to start cleaning now.
  5. That 10 minute power napping thing that's all the rage.  I get as far as 10 minutes and then all of a sudden, it's an hour later and I'm just waking up.     
  6. Crow pose.  The amount of time I spend on my blog (a good 10 minutes each week) is seriously impacting my ability to do this yoga pose.  Also, my lack of arm and core strength and fear that I will pitch forward and land on my nose.  Which is already squashed flat enough as it is.
  7. Finding Albert's missing eye.  I know I put it somewhere.
  8. Picking some more skin off my never-ending peeling feet.
  9. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet that isn't just rolling it around into a ball and pretending that's how it's done.
  10. Finding myself.  Last seen walking into Nordstrom's... (which is not a terrible place to lose yourself)
Thanks to everyone that has read on a regular basis over the last 18 months.  For those that did not read on a regular basis and you know who you are...well, this message is probably pointless since you won't read this.  But just know, you are not getting a Xmas Card this year.
PS. Albert says...well, he didn't actually say anything because he's a cat, he can't read or write and he doesn't care about any of you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Foot - The Finale

And the peel goes on...*

Disappointing.  Where are the great swathes of skin I was promised?
Here's a little photo I like to call..Gross.

And Gross 2.

Yep, just soaking my feet in the kitty litter tray.  Which has a small hole in the bottom of it.  On reflection, it did matter...
Just a little something that fell off my feet.
I thought I was getting close to this being finished but two weeks later, it's still happening.  Only problem is that I'm bored now.  There is too much soaking and picking off of your own skin.  I need one of those ponds where you put your feet in an fish gently nibble at the dead skin.  Instead I have cat litter box with a hole in it and a cat that insists on sleeping on the towel filled with dead skin.  It's not the same.

This is more of the effect I was looking for.  Did not deliver.

So in conclusion, I have to say that it was not the resounding success I had hoped for.  What I'm looking for is a product I put on once and the next morning, I wake up with beautiful smooth feet with skin that miraculously disappeared in the night** and then my feet stay like that forever.  A bit like the travel portal, I fear this will not happen in my lifetime so it's probably best that I get my feet into as good a shape as possible and then sit very still and never move again.  See, there's always a reasonable solution if you put your mind to it.
And here is the end result.***

Who wants me to review something for them?

*Sung to "And the Beat Goes On"
**Right now I have enough skin to fill a duvet.  Thinking about putting an ad on Craig's List: Skin filler for duvet.  You collect. 
***Also.  Not my feet.

Monday, April 6, 2015

What I Saw On My Walk Yesterday...In Hollywood

This mishmash of housing styles all on the same streetYou've got your Art Deco and your...well, the other ones.

These guys that are really tired of holding this place up.  Seem to have a bit of a rash on their chests - probably eczema if WebMD is anything to go by.  Unsure if it's related to the strain of holding the place up...
This incredibly amazing photo taken by a very talented person.  That I like to
Well this is clearly where my parents went wrong.  No wonder this blog isn't successful.
And just around the corner from the Catholic education...a different kind of education.  And they deliver.  So...

Apparently he does not deliver but his weed cards are $25 and he is dressed like a marijuana leaf.  You might have to step up your game, Catholic Education....
I'm uncertain about Easter advertising protocol but I don't think Easter eggs go with kegs.  I could be wrong.
Can't imagine why anyone would put this couch out on the street - the fabric is lovely.  You can make that work in any room.
And look a contrasting two-seater!
I would like a Covertible.  And a Pass Van.  And then I would like to know what they are.

Just a little something I spray-painted while out on my walk*.
Wandered through the Hollywood Farmer's Market - they don't like you taking pictures so I pretended to take a selfie.  In hindsight, my selfie looked better.

A fine picture of the stalls with a bunch of annoying people in the way.
Arty shot of El Capitan box office.  Santa stuck in the eaves and in terrible pain...
Grauman's Chinese Theater...and all the people in the world.  Don't go over there.
The joy that is Hollywood and why I walk.  And never go there.
More Hollywood class - who wouldn't go to a bar called the Rusty Mullet with kids on the roof.  That kid looks petrified and has backed into the corner.  Someone get the baby off the roof!!!
Spidey takes a quick break.  Spidey not as limber as he used to be.  And quite grey...
Hollywood stars - I make a habit of not stepping on the stars as I think it's rude.  I am the only person who thinks this and it makes me look like I'm playing hop scotch.  Luckily it's Hollywood and I look completely normal.
Had myself a dramatic moment outside of here.  Did a farewell WWII scene.  Did not get noticed.
I don't know what this is.  I just know it doesn't work anymore.
Jim Henson Studio - that is the happiest place on earth.  Except for the fact that he's dead.  But Kermit is still alive.
Better keep my walking speed down
Oh oh - 42 in a 35 mile zone.  My legs are going lickety split
No big deal, just a cow eating a flamingo.  Happens all the time here.
We've fallen and we can't get up...
Game anyone?  Just FYI - Scrabble is my sport.  You will not take me in this.
Looks like a good night out.
Get your animal skins here! 
Just drive through and pick up your cancer.  No need to be inconvenienced
Trees.  Or spaghetti.  Well, it was an Italian restaurant.
Urban tree.  It'll make it, plenty of life left in that.
Official Hollywood sign which is very unHollywood looking.  Just a suggestion but I think glitter might be the key here.  And a BeDazzler...
Unofficial Hollywood sign.  Probably didn't make the cut.  Because of being backwards and all.  And no glitter...
Top right - you missed a bit.
Turtles kissing.  Very similar to turtles fighting as the little one barely escaped with his life moments after this touching moment was taken.
Hi, hi...just going to climb up over you.  No, don't move, I got this.  Update:  Did not got this and fell back in the water where it swam off in mortified silence.
Newly dating.  As usual the man is uncomfortable with a little too much PDA from his turtle.
Unrelated to anything but a pretty good picture of Jax from SOA. 
My neighborhood is well-protected.
And I'm pretty sure this is what they mean by security.  Animal Defense Technology.  Level: Lion
Safety (and Albert) first.
And to finish up this walking series, a delightful video of turtles.  Unaccompanied by music because I don't know how.

 *Well it was already done when I got there, but that's what I was going to do...